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 Sewability Factors

FOR EXCELLENT SEWABILITY Threads have been designed to be as tolerant as possible to the normal variations which must be expected in production sewing conditions. In the manufacture of good quality sewing threads the following factors are taken care of specially.

Lubrication / Finish

Maximum attention is given to lubrication and finish application methods to ensure short and long length regularity during its passage through various parts of the sewing machine. Optimum lubrication facilitates smooth passage of thread through the hot needle, prevents wear and tear of machine parts and increases seam strength. Through its own R & D efforts, Vardhman threads has developed best lubricants for different threads to meet stringent and high speed sewing applications.

Loop formation

Thread elongation and recovery properties are very important in determining the thread loop forming properties. Balanced and controlled elongation in thread , helps to prevent skipped stitches.

Freedom from Faults

Obviously a thread in passing through a sewing machine is controlled by guides and contact surfaces of the machine and needle. The presence of faults and knots in a thread will mean that the thread cannot pass smoothly over the surfaces and will cause variations in thread tension leading to irregular stitching and ultimately thread breakage.

Vardhman employs sophisticated manufacturing and process control techniques to ensure that our threads have minimal levels of faults and are continually evaluating methods of identifying and eliminating causes of thread imperfections.

Twist balance

A thread needs to be twisted to consolidate the fibres into the thread structure and ensure good sewing performance. The number of turns in both thread and individual yarns is carefully chosen to give optimum thread strength and sewing performance.

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